Commission payments by hoteliers for online booking systems

With online booking systems, many hoteliers suffer from commission payments. Since the internet has existed, official tour operators have had the problem of advertising for their customers.

Who pays for it?

Result of commission payments received from hoteliers for online reservation systems: The price is charged to the customer.

On the other hand, clients "without knowing it" pay many commissions for their stay in any country.

Loss of money for guests and hoteliers

Accommodation becomes more expensive for both sides. Guests and hoteliers. Because these small agencies are not able to defend themselves against the online billionaires, and the big ones take the bread from the small ones, and as soon as a customer is looking for a "hotel" or "holiday".

Save money on your hotel with us

Let's work together for mutual benefit in the field of tourism. No matter what country or location you are in, we will promote your hotel. You and your guests will save money.

Finally: Money losses for all

Loss of money for guests and hoteliers. The problem is easy to fix.

Let's work together to save your money and protect your clients'.

We provide official links and phone numbers so that guests can book their desired accommodation directly at the reception of Turkish hotels. A site to save billions of commissions. Do contribute.

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